Minor changes

Minor changes in overall items/skills.Festival adena, Olf’s shirt, Olf’s scrolls, are now tradable.Heroic weapons can now be stored in warehouse.Gemstone D grade has been added in GmShopVanguard skills now work as they should.Max enchant error has been fixed.

Mini change log

Evening everyone!Mini log for minor changes.-Eva’s rune price drop from 3 to 1 vote coin.-PvP,Fisherman and TvT Master event now have gold medal as rewards.-Titanium weapons drop rate in kamaloka, slightly increased.These are the changes for now, stay tuned for more news and updates.See you online!

Clan event

As of today, the GM team will reward every old/new clan with maximum level and skills, in order to motivate new players to join us!Help us grow our server, keep voting.Have a nice day.

April’s Update

Greetings everyone!!Balance update starting from tonight.Judicator’s buffs cool down have been modified.Also restoration impact has changed from 50% to 30% due to being to OP with the most classes’ max HP.Archer’s stunning shot effect time changed to 4 seconds.Arcane power now doesn’t cost HP/Mp.Sagittarius/Moonlight Sentinel/Ghost Sentinel -12 evasion.Thank you for helping us on making a […]