Here you can find our server’s features.

  • Buffs slots 28/14.
  • Max client x2.
  • Auto Max level/Subclass:85.
  • Custom titanium,heroic weapons and other custom items(accessories etc.).
  • Freya-Zaken(max 3 players in party)-Frintezza Kamaloka Dungeons with custom drops.
  • Custom dungeon delusion chamber in Giran(triumph weapon drop)
  • Hellbound as farm zone.
  • Nexus event engine(CTF-TVT-Battlefields etc).
  • Many retail/epic bosses with custom drops.
  • Heroes every Sunday.Olympiad matches start at 18:00 GMT+2
  • Vote system with .getreward command.
  • Castle sieges Aden,Rune and Schuttgart
  • Noblesse Blessing via event or Quest